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Main Entry: fact
absolute fact, accepted fact, accomplishment, act, actual fact, actuality, actually, admitted fact, adventure, article, aspect, authenticity, axiom, bald fact, bare fact, basis for belief, body of evidence, brutal fact, case, certainty, chain of evidence, circumstance, clue, cold fact, conceded fact, count, data, datum, deed, demonstrable fact, detail, details, documentation, element, empirical fact, episode, established fact, eternal verities, event, evidence, exhibit, experience, facet, fact of experience, factor, factors, facts, factually, fait accompli, genuineness, given fact, good sooth, grounds, grounds for belief, hap, happening, happenstance, hard fact, historical truth, historicity, in fact, in reality, in truth, incident, incidental, indeed, indication, indisputable fact, inescapable fact, information, instance, item, item of evidence, items, low-down, manifestation, mark, material grounds, matter, matter of fact, minor detail, minutia, minutiae, muniments, mute witness, naked fact, not guesswork, not opinion, observable, occasion, occurrence, particular, particulars, phenomenon, piece of evidence, plain, point, points, positive fact, postulate, premises, proof, provable fact, reality, really, reason to believe, regard, relevant fact, respect, salient fact, self-evident fact, sign, significant fact, simple fact, sober fact, sooth, stubborn fact, symptom, the case, the nitty-gritty, the score, the true, thing, to be sure, token, trueness, truly, truth, truthfully, truthfulness, turn of events, ultimate truth, undeniable fact, unerroneousness, unfallaciousness, unfalseness, veracity, verity, very truth, well-known fact
Main Entry: accomplished fact
accomplished, accomplishment, achieved, achievement, act, acta, action, actuality, adventure, at concert pitch, attained, attainment, authenticity, blow, career, carrying out, coached, compassed, consummated, consummation, conversant, coup, dealings, deed, discharge, discharged, dispatch, dispatched, disposed of, doing, doings, effected, effectuated, effectuation, effort, endeavor, enterprise, executed, execution, exploit, factuality, fait accompli, feat, finished, fruition, fulfilled, fulfillment, gest, go, grim reality, hand, handiwork, historicity, implementation, implemented, initiate, initiated, job, maneuver, measure, mission accomplished, move, not a dream, objective existence, operation, overt act, passage, performance, practiced, prepared, primed, proceeding, production, professional, reality, realization, realized, res gestae, set at rest, skilled, step, stroke, stunt, success, technical, thing, thing done, tour de force, trained, transaction, truth, turn, undertaking, work, works, wrought, wrought out
Main Entry: fact-finding
analytic, examinational, examinatorial, examining, explorational, explorative, exploratory, feeling, groping, heuristic, indagative, inspectional, inspectorial, investigational, investigative, investigatory, tentative, testing, trying, zetetic
Main Entry: in fact
absolutely, actually, certainly, de facto, factually, forsooth, genuinely, historically, in actuality, in effect, in reality, in truth, in very sooth, indeed, indeedy, manifestly, nothing else but, obviously, of a truth, positively, really-truly, really, truly, undoubtedly, verily, veritably, with truth
Main Entry: matter of fact
absolute fact, accepted fact, actual fact, admitted fact, adventure, axiom, bald fact, bare fact, brutal fact, circumstance, cold fact, conceded fact, datum, demonstrable fact, empirical fact, episode, established fact, event, experience, fact, fact of experience, given fact, hap, happening, happenstance, hard fact, incident, indisputable fact, inescapable fact, matter-of-factness, naked fact, not guesswork, not opinion, occasion, occurrence, particular, phenomenon, plain, plainness, positive fact, postulate, prosaicism, prosaicness, prosaism, prose, prosiness, provable fact, reality, salient fact, self-evident fact, significant fact, simple fact, sober fact, stubborn fact, the case, the nitty-gritty, turn of events, undeniable fact, unimaginativeness, well-known fact