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Database Statistics
Main entries:  30,320
Synonyms:  2,525,696
Recent Updates
dispersedTue, Apr 20
disintegrationSat, Feb 13
connectionsWed, Jan 27
defeatedSun, Nov 15
pessimistSun, Sep 27
decorativeSat, Sep 19
painSun, May 31
interjectSun, May 3
interruptSun, May 3
tweakSat, Apr 11
insightSat, Mar 14
trellisFri, Feb 20
loveThu, Jan 22
thanksgivingSun, Dec 28
greenhouseWed, Jan 16
disputableWed, Jan 16
babyishWed, Jan 16
bachelorhoodWed, Jan 16
betrayerWed, Jan 16
dumbTue, Jan 15

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