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Main Entry: wound
abrade, abrasion, abscess, abuse, ache, aching, afflict, affront, aggrieve, agonize, ail, anguish, aposteme, barb the dart, bark, bed sore, befoul, bewitch, bite, blain, bleb, blemish, blight, blister, bloody, blow, boil, break, bruise, bubo, bulla, bunion, burn, canker, canker sore, carbuncle, chafe, chancre, chancroid, check, chilblain, chip, claw, cold sore, concussion, condemn, convulse, corrupt, crack, crackle, cramp, craze, crucify, curse, cut, cut up, damage, defile, deprave, despoil, destroy, disadvantage, disserve, distress, do a mischief, do evil, do ill, do wrong, do wrong by, dolor, doom, envenom, eschar, excruciate, felon, fester, festering, fever blister, fistula, flash burn, fracture, fray, frazzle, fret, furuncle, furunculus, gall, gash, gathering, get into trouble, give offense, give pain, give umbrage, gnaw, grate, grief, grieve, grind, gripe, gumboil, harass, harm, harrow, hemorrhoids, hex, hurt, hurt the feelings, impair, incise, incision, infect, inflame, inflict pain, injure, injury, irritate, jinx, kibe, kill by inches, lacerate, laceration, lesion, maim, make mincemeat of, maltreat, martyr, martyrize, maul, menace, mistreat, molest, mortal wound, mutilate, mutilation, nasty blow, nip, offend, outrage, pain, pang, papula, papule, paronychia, parulis, passion, persecute, petechia, pierce, piles, pimple, pinch, play havoc with, play hob with, pock, poison, pollute, polyp, prejudice, prick, prolong the agony, puncture, pustule, put to torture, rack, rankle, rasp, rend, rent, rip, rising, rub, run, rupture, savage, scab, scald, scathe, scorch, scotch, scrape, scratch, scuff, second-degree burn, shock, skin, slash, slit, soft chancre, sore, sore spot, spasm, sprain, stab, stab wound, stick, stigma, sting, strain, stress, stress of life, stroke, sty, suffering, suppuration, swelling, taint, tear, tender spot, third-degree burn, threaten, throes, torment, torture, trauma, traumatize, tubercle, tweak, twist, twist the knife, ulcer, ulceration, violate, wale, welt, wheal, whelk, whitlow, wounds immedicable, wreak havoc on, wrench, wring, wrong
Main Entry: wound up
SOL, ago, all bets off, all off, all over, all up, antiquated, antique, at an end, blown over, by, bygone, bypast, canceled, cleaned up, complete, completed, concluded, dated, dead, dead and buried, deceased, decided, defunct, deleted, departed, done, done for, done with, elapsed, ended, expired, expunged, extinct, fini, finished, finished up, forgotten, gone-by, gone, gone glimmering, has-been, irrecoverable, kaput, lapsed, no more, obsolete, over, passe, passed, passed away, past, perfected, perfective, run out, set at rest, settled, shot, terminated, through, through with, vanished, washed up, wiped out, wrapped up, zapped
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