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Main Entry: wizard
Comus, Faust, OK, ace-high, ace, artist, authority, bad, bang-up, bonzer, boss, bully, but good, conjurer, cool, corking, crackerjack, dandy, delicious, diabolist, diviner, dowser, ducky, enchanter, fab, fine and dandy, first-rater, gear, genius, good hand, great, groovy, heavy, hot, hunky-dory, jam-up, just dandy, keen, mage, magician, magus, mahatma, man of genius, marvy, master, master hand, mastermind, mean, miracle-worker, neat, necromancer, nifty, nobby, okay, out of sight, past master, peachy-keen, peachy, practiced hand, prodigy, professional, proficient, ripping, rum, sage, scrumptious, skilled hand, slap-up, smashing, solid, something else, sorcerer, spiffing, spiffy, star, stunning, superstar, swell, thaumaturge, thaumaturgist, theurgist, topnotcher, tough, virtuoso, warlock, water witch, whiz