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Main Entry: veteran
Father Time, Methuselah, Nestor, Old Paar, blase, campaigner, centenarian, cosmopolitan, cosmopolite, dotard, elder, experienced, expert, gaffer, geezer, golden-ager, gramps, grandfather, grandsire, graybeard, knowing, master, mature, matured, nonagenarian, not born yesterday, octogenarian, old-time, old-timer, old, old campaigner, old chap, old codger, old dog, old duffer, old geezer, old gent, old gentleman, old hand, old man, old party, old pro, old salt, old sea dog, old soldier, older, oldster, pantaloon, past master, patriarch, practical, practiced, presbyter, ripe, ripened, sagacious, salt, seasoned, seasoned veteran, senior citizen, septuagenarian, sexagenarian, shellback, skilled, sophisticated, the quiet-voiced elders, tried, tried and true, trouper, venerable sir, versed, vet, war-horse, warhorse, wise, world-wise, worldly-wise, worldly