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Main Entry: vegetable
Boston lettuce, Chinese cabbage, French bean, Irish potato, Kraut, Swiss chard, amphibian, angiosperm, annual, apathetic, aquatic plant, asparagus, aubergine, bean, bean sprout, beans, beet, beet greens, beetroot, bell pepper, benumbed, biennial, blase, bored, botanic, broccoli, bulbous, butter bean, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, celery cabbage, celery root, celtuce, cereal, chard, chick-pea, chicory, collards, contemplative, corn, cosmopolite, cress, cucumber, cutting, dead, debilitated, deciduous plant, dicot, dicotyledon, do-nothing, dopey, dormant, droopy, drugged, dull, eggplant, enervated, ephemeral, evergreen, exanimate, exotic, farinaceous, flowering plant, fruitlike, fruity, fungus, gametophyte, garlic, green bean, green onion, green pea, green pepper, greens, gumbo, gymnosperm, heavy, hebetudinous, herbaceous, herbal, herbose, herbous, herby, hominy, horseradish, hydrophyte, idle, immobile, inactive, inanimate, inert, jaded, kale, kidney beans, kohlrabi, lackadaisical, laissez-aller, laissez-faire, languid, languorous, leaden, leek, legumes, leguminose, leguminous, lentil, lethargic, lettuce, lifeless, listless, love apple, lumpish, mad apple, maize, meditative, monocot, monocotyl, moribund, motionless, mushroom, navy bean, neuter, neutral, numb, onion, oyster plant, paralytic, paralyzed, parsley, parsnip, passive, pea, pepper, perennial, phlegmatic, pieplant, pimento, pinto bean, plant, plantlike, polycot, polycotyl, polycotyledon, pooped, popcorn, potato, potherbs, procrastinating, produce, pumpkin, quiescent, quietist, quietistic, radicated, radiciform, radicular, radish, red cabbage, red pepper, rhizoid, rhubarb, rootlike, sated, scallion, seed plant, seedling, shallot, sleepy, slow, sluggish, somnolent, sorrel, soy, soya, spermatophyte, spinach, sporophyte, spud, squash, stagnant, stagnating, standpat, static, stationary, stultified, succory, sugar beet, supine, swede, sweet potato, taro, tater, thallophyte, tomato, torpid, triennial, truffle, tuberous, turnip, vascular plant, vegetables, vegetal, vegetarian, vegetational, vegetative, wan, water chestnut, weary, weed, weedy, white potato, world-weary, yam
Main Entry: vegetable kingdom
animal kingdom, botany, chain of being, class structure, domain, establishment, flora, flowerage, greenery, greens, herbage, hierarchy, kingdom, mineral kingdom, natural hierarchy, pecking order, plant kingdom, plant life, plants, power structure, pyramid, realm, vegetable life, vegetation, vegetation spirit, verdure
Main Entry: vegetable oil
Macassar oil, absinthe, animal oil, avocado oil, bay oil, beechnut oil, camphor, candlenut oil, carapa oil, castor oil, cedarwood oil, cerate, clove oil, cocoa butter, copaiba, copra oil, corn oil, croton oil, drying oil, edible oil, essential oil, ester, eucalyptus oil, fat, fatty oil, fixed oil, flaxseed oil, grease, gum spirit, hempseed oil, hydrogenated fat, kekuna oil, laurel butter, lemon oil, linseed oil, lipid, mineral oil, nut oil, oil, oil of almonds, oleoresin, oleum, olive oil, palm-kernel oil, palm oil, peanut oil, perilla oil, pine-tar oil, pine oil, pine tar, polyunsaturated fat, poppyseed oil, rape oil, ricinus oil, rosin grease, rosin oil, sebum, sesame oil, soybean oil, spikenard, tallow, turpentine, unsaturated fat, volatile oil, wood oil