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Main Entry: unsupported
alienated, alone, aloof, apart, baseless, companionless, detached, empty, friendless, groundless, homeless, idle, ill-founded, inconclusive, indecisive, insular, isolated, kithless, lone, lonely, lonesome, not following, not proved, removed, rootless, separate, separated, single-handed, solitary, solo, unabetted, unaccompanied, unaided, unascertained, unassisted, unattended, unattested, unauthenticated, unbased, uncertified, unconfirmed, uncorroborated, undemonstrated, undetermined, unescorted, unestablished, unfixed, unfounded, ungrounded, unproved, unproven, unseconded, unsettled, unshown, unsubstantiated, unsupportable, unsupported by evidence, unsustainable, unsustained, untenable, untested, untried, unvalidated, unverified, unwarranted, vain, withdrawn, without basis, without foundation, without grounds