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Main Entry: unproductive
abortive, acarpous, arid, barren, bootless, celibate, childless, desert, desolate, drained, dried-up, dry, exhausted, fallow, fruitless, gainless, gaunt, gelded, impotent, ineffective, ineffectual, infecund, infertile, issueless, jejune, leached, menopausal, nonfertile, nonproducing, nonproductive, nonprolific, nonremunerative, otiose, profitless, rewardless, sine prole, sterile, sucked dry, teemless, unavailable, unavailing, uncultivated, unfertile, unfruitful, unplowed, unprofitable, unprolific, unremunerative, unrewarding, unsown, untilled, useless, vain, virgin, waste, wasted, without issue
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