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Main Entry: twiddle
babble, cackle, chat, chatter, come in contact, coquet, dabble, dally, do nothing, feel, feel of, fiddle-faddle, fiddle, fiddle with, fidget, fidget with, finger, finger with, flick, flirt, fool, fool around, fool with, fribble, frivol, gab, handle, horse around, idle, jerk off, juggle, kid around, loiter, manipulate, mess around, mess with, monkey, monkey around, monkey with, palm, palpate, paw, piddle, play, play around, play with, ply, poke at, potter, prattle, prod, putter, rattle, smatter, tap, thumb, tinker, touch, toy, toy with, trifle, twirl, waste time, wield, wiggle, yak
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