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Main Entry: tingle
ache, agonize, ail, anguish, bang, blanch, blench, boot, burn, burning, burning pain, change ringing, charge, chime, chiming, chink, clang, clanging, clangor, clank, clanking, clink, ding-a-ling, ding, dingdong, dinging, dingle, dong, donging, feel pain, feel the pangs, fidget, fire, flip out, flush, flutter, freak out on, get high on, glow, go pitapat, gong, grimace, have a misery, have the fidgets, have the shakes, heave, hurt, itch, jangle, jerk, jingle-jangle, jingle, jinglejangle, jingling, jollies, kick, knell, knelling, lift, palpitate, pant, peal, peal ringing, pealing, plink, pound, prick, prickle, quake, quaver, quiver, ring, ring changes, ringing, rush, rush of emotion, scratch, sensation, shake, shiver, shoot, shrink, shudder, smart, smarting, sound, sound a knell, squirm, sting, stinging, suffer, surge of emotion, swell, swell with emotion, thrill, thrill to, throb, ting-a-ling, ting, tingle with excitement, tingling, tink, tinkle, tinkling, tinnitus, tintinnabulate, titillation, toll, tolling, toss, toss and turn, tremble, tremor, tremor of excitement, tumble, turn on to, twinge, twist and turn, twitch, twitter, urtication, wiggle, wince, wriggle, writhe