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Main Entry: tidy
OK, acceptable, adequate, admissible, all right, ample, anal, arrange, better than nothing, big, bleach, bowdlerize, bowdlerized, bumper, chipper, clean, clean out, clean up, cleaned, cleaned up, cleanse, cleansed, clear out, clear the decks, clear up, considerable, decent, delouse, depurate, deterge, dinky, dry-clean, dust, dust off, expurgate, expurgated, fair, fairish, fix up, freshen, generous, good, good enough, goodish, goodly, grand, great, groom, healthy, large-scale, large, lustrate, man-sized, methodical, moderate, neat, neaten, not amiss, not bad, not half bad, not so bad, numerous, okay, orderly, organize, organized, passable, police, police up, presentable, pretty good, purge, purged, purified, purify, put in order, put in trim, rearrange, refined, reform, reformed, reorganize, respectable, satisfactory, scavenge, shipshape, significant, sizable, sizeable, sleek, slick, smart, snug, spick-and-span, spick and span, spruce, spruce up, steam-clean, straighten out, straighten up, substantial, sufficient, sweep out, sweeten, systematic, tall, tidy up, tight, tolerable, trig, trig up, trim, trim up, uncluttered, unexceptionable, unobjectionable, well-cared-for, well-groomed, well-kept, well-ordered, whiten, wipe, wipe off, wipe out, wipe up, workmanlike
Main Entry: tidy sum
a mass of, a world of, army, batch, bevy, bunch, cloud, clutter, considerable, covey, deal, flight, flock, flocks, gobs, good deal, good sum, great deal, hail, heap, heaps, heaps of gold, hive, host, jam, large amount, large sum, lashings, legion, loads, lot, lots, many, masses of, mess, millions, mint, mint of money, mob, muchness, multitude, nest, numbers, oodles, pack, peck, pile, piles, plurality, pot, potful, power of money, pretty penny, quantities, quite a few, quite a little, raft, rafts, rout, ruck, scads, scores, shoal, sight, slew, slews, spate, stack, stacks, swarm, thousands, throng, wad, wads, whole slew, worlds of