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Main Entry: things
accessories, accouterments, appanages, apparatus, appendages, appliances, appointments, appurtenances, armament, belongings, caparison, choses, choses in action, choses in possession, choses local, choses transitory, conveniences, duffel, equipage, equipment, facilities, facility, fittings, fixtures, furnishings, furniture, gear, getup, harness, impedimenta, installations, kit, livery, machinery, material things, materiel, movables, munition, munitions, outfit, paraphernalia, perquisites, personal effects, plant, plumbing, rig, rigging, stock-in-trade, tackle, trappings, trousseau, turnout, utensils, wardrobe
Main Entry: all things considered
after all, all in all, altogether, as a rule, as a whole, as an approximation, at large, before the bench, before the court, broadly, broadly speaking, by and large, ceteris paribus, chiefly, commonly, considering, everything being equal, generally, generally speaking, in court, in general, in round numbers, mainly, mostly, normally, on balance, on the average, on the whole, ordinarily, overall, predominantly, prevailingly, roughly, roughly speaking, routinely, speaking generally, sub judice, taking into account, therefore, this being so, usually, wherefore
Main Entry: transparent things
Celluloid, Lucite, Perspex, Plexiglas, aquamarine, beryl, carnelian, cellophane, chalcedony, chiffon, chrysolite, citrine, crystal, diamond, diaphane, emerald, gossamer, hyaline, mica, moonstone, morganite, onionskin, quartz, sheers, tissue, tissue paper, veil, voile, water, window