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Main Entry: telltale
a tale-bearing animal, babbling, betrayal, betrayer, blab, blabber, blabberer, blabbering, blabbermouth, blabbing, broad hint, busybody, catchword, clack, clue, communication leak, cue, cue word, dead giveaway, delator, divulgation, divulgement, divulgence, divulging, evidence, evulgation, fink, gentle hint, gesture, giveaway, glimmer, glimmering, gossip, gossip columnist, gossiper, gossipmonger, hint, hot lead, implication, index, indication, indiscretion, informer, inkling, innuendo, insinuation, intimation, key, key word, kick, lead, leak, letting out, look, narc, newsmonger, newspaperman, nod, notion, nudge, obvious clue, peacher, prompt, quidnunc, reporter, rumormonger, scandalmonger, scent, sign, signal, snitch, snitcher, spoor, spy, squealer, stool pigeon, stoolie, suggestion, suspicion, symptom, tabby, talebearer, taleteller, tattler, tattletale, telltale sign, tip-off, tittle-tattler, trace, track, unwitting disclosure, vestige, whiff, whisper, whistle-blower, wind, wink, yenta
Main Entry: telltale sign
babbling, badge, banner, betrayal, blabbering, blabbing, character, characteristic, communication leak, dead giveaway, device, differentia, divulgation, divulgement, divulgence, divulging, earmark, evulgation, giveaway, hallmark, idiosyncrasy, image, index, indicant, indicator, indiscretion, insignia, keynote, leak, letting out, mark, measure, note, obvious clue, peculiarity, picture, property, representation, representative, seal, sigil, sign, signal, signature, stamp, sure sign, symptom, telltale, trait, unwitting disclosure