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Main Entry: tantalize
affect the interest, allure, annoy, appeal, attract, badger, baffle, bait, balk, be attractive, becharm, beckon, bedevil, beleaguer, bewitch, bilk, captivate, carry away, cast down, charm, concern, cross, dash, defeat, defeat expectation, disappoint, disillusion, dissatisfy, draw on, enamor, endear, engage, enrapture, excite, excite interest, fascinate, fetch, foil, frustrate, gnaw, harass, harry, hold in thrall, infatuate, inflame with love, interest, invite, involve in, let down, pester, pique, plague, provoke, seduce, stimulate, summon, taunt, tease, tempt, thwart, tickle, titillate, torment, torture, vamp, whet the appetite
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