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Main Entry: swirl
Charybdis, Maelstrom, ado, agitate, agitation, back stream, backflow, backwash, backwater, beat, beat up, bluster, bobbery, boil, boiling, bother, botheration, brouhaha, burst, bustle, centrifugate, centrifuge, churn, churn up, circulate, cirrus, coil, commotion, contort, conturbation, convulse, corkscrew, countercurrent, counterflow, counterflux, crinkle, curl, curlicue, curve, disarrange, discompose, discomposure, disorder, disquiet, disquietude, disturb, disturbance, dizzy round, ebullience, ebullition, eddy, effervescence, embroilment, evolute, excite, excitement, feery-fary, ferment, fermentation, fever, feverishness, fidgetiness, fidgets, fit, flap, flurry, fluster, flutter, flutteration, flutteriness, foment, fret, fume, furl, fuss, fussiness, gulf, gurge, gush, gyrate, gyre, helix, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly-burly, hurry-scurry, hurry, inquietude, intort, involute, jitters, jumpiness, kink, maelstrom, malaise, meander, moil, nerviness, nervosity, nervousness, paddle, pell-mell, perturb, perturbate, perturbation, pirouette, pother, purl, rat race, reel, refluence, reflux, regurgitation, restlessness, rile, ringlet, ripple, roil, roll, roughen, round, rout, row, ruffle, rumple, scallop, scramble, screw, scroll, seethe, seething, serpentine, shake, shake up, slink, snake, spasm, spin, spiral, spurt, stew, stir, stir up, surge, sweat, swirling, tendril, to-do, trepidation, trepidity, trouble, tumult, tumultuation, turbidity, turbulence, turmoil, turn, twine, twirl, twist, twist and turn, twitter, unease, unquiet, unrest, uproar, upset, volute, volution, vortex, wheel, whip, whip up, whirl, whirligig, whirlpool, whirlwind, whisk, whorl, wind, work up, worm, wring, yeastiness