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Main Entry: summer
aestival, arctic, autumn, autumnal, boreal, broiling sun, brumal, buy time, canicular, canicular days, consume time, dog days, equinoctial, fair weather, good old summertime, growing season, heat wave, hibernal, hiemal, high summer, hot wave, hot weather, humid weather, keep time, kill time, look for time, measure time, midday sun, midsummer, midwinter, muggy weather, occupy time, out of season, pass time, put in time, race against time, seasonal, solstitial, spend time, spring, springlike, stuffy weather, sultry weather, summerlike, summerly, summertide, summertime, summery, sunshiny weather, take time, take up time, use time, vernal, vertical rays, warm weather, weekend, winter, winterlike, wintery, wintry, work against time
Main Entry: summer school
alternate, alternative school, blab school, boarding school, central school, consolidated school, continuation school, correspondence school, country day school, dame school, day school, evening school, extension, finishing school, free school, informal school, night school, nongraded school, open classroom school, pensionat, platoon school, private school, progressive school, public school, school without walls, special school, storefront school, street academy, union school, vacation school
Main Entry: summer stock
Broadway, burlesque, carnival, circus, drama, entertainment industry, legit, legitimate stage, off-off-Broadway, off Broadway, playland, repertory drama, show biz, show business, stage world, stagedom, stageland, stock, strawhat, strawhat circuit, the boards, the footlights, the scenes, the stage, the theater, theater world, theatromania, theatrophobia, variety, vaudeville
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