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Main Entry: succession
Indian file, accession, affiliation, afterlife, alternation, ancestry, anointing, anointment, apparentation, appointment, array, arrogation, articulation, assignment, assumption, at intervals, attainment, authorization, bank, bequeathal, bequest, birth, birthright, blood, bloodline, borough-English, branch, breed, brood, buzz, catena, catenation, chain, chain reaction, chaining, children, coheirship, coming after, common ancestry, concatenation, connection, consanguinity, consecration, consecution, consecutively, consecutiveness, continuation, continuity, continuum, conveyance, conveyancing, coparcenary, coronation, course, cycle, delegation, deputation, derivation, descendants, descent, devolution, direct line, distaff side, drone, dynasty, election, elevation, empowerment, endless belt, endless round, entail, extension, extraction, family, female line, file, filiation, flow, following, fruit, future time, gamut, gavelkind, gradation, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, hangover, heirloom, heirs, heirship, hereditament, heritable, heritage, heritance, hostages to fortune, house, hum, in a row, in line, in order, in succession, incorporeal hereditament, inheritance, inheritors, issue, kids, lateness, law of succession, legacy, legitimate succession, line, line of descent, line of succession, lineage, little ones, logical sequence, male line, mode of succession, monotone, new generation, next life, nexus, offspring, order, order of succession, patrimony, pendulum, periodicity, phylum, plenum, postdate, postdating, posteriority, posterity, postposition, postremogeniture, powder train, primogeniture, procession, progeny, progression, prolongation, promotion, provenience, queue, race, range, rank, recurrence, remainder, reticulation, reversion, rising generation, rotation, round, round robin, routine, row, run, running, scale, seed, seizure, sept, sequel, sequence, series, shift, shifting trust, shifting use, side, single file, sons, spear side, spectrum, spindle side, stem, stirps, stock, strain, string, subjunction, subsequence, successively, successiveness, suffixation, suite, supervenience, supervention, swath, sword side, taking over, thread, tier, train, transfer, transferral, transmission, transmittal, treasures, turn, ultimogeniture, uninterruptedly, usurpation, windrow, younglings, youngsters
Main Entry: in succession
by stages, consecutively, hand running, hierarchically, in Indian file, in a chain, in a line, in a row, in a series, in column, in file, in order, in sequence, in series, in single file, in turn, progressively, running, sequentially, serially, seriatim, step by step, successively, turn about