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Main Entry: successful
accomplished, achieved, acknowledged, advantageous, affluent, ahead of the game, ascendant, assured of success, at the top, at the top of the tree, at top of ladder, auspicious, bang, best-ever, best-selling, blooming, blossoming, booming, celebrated, certain, champion, chart-topping, comfortable, comfortably situated, coming, complete, conquering, consummate, crowned, crowned with success, defeating, dominant, easy, effective, efficacious, eminent, extraordinary, famed, famous, favorable, first, flourishing, flush, flushed with success, fortuitous, fortunate, fruitful, functioning, gainful, happy, hit, home and dry, in ascendancy, in clover, in good case, in luxury, in the ascendant, in the money, invincible, leading, loaded, lucky, lucrative, made, masterly, moneymaking, never-failing, notable, noteworthy, on Easy Street, on a roll, on the up-and-up, on top, on track, on velvet, ongoing, out in front, outstanding, overcoming, palmy, paying, perfect, popular, positive, prevailing, prize-winning, profitable, prominent, propitious, prospering, prosperous, proven, remunerative, renowned, rewarding, rich, rising, rolling, smash, smashing, strong, succeeding, surefire, surefooted, the best, thriving, top, triumphal, triumphant, unbeaten, unbowed, undefeated, unvanquished, up-and-coming, vanquishing, victorious, wealthy, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-known, well-off, well-to-do, winning, world-beating, wow
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