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Main Entry: subdivision
abstraction, adjunct, alienation, analysis, analyzation, anatomizing, anatomy, arrangement, assay, assaying, assembly-line housing, bifidity, bifurcation, billeting, bipartition, bisection, blood, bracket, branch, branching, breakdown, breaking down, breaking up, breakup, by two, caste, cataloging, categorization, category, census, clan, class, classification, codification, component, composition, constituents, content, contents, contingent, cross section, cutting in two, detachment, detail, dichotomy, dimidiation, disarticulation, disassociation, disconnectedness, disconnection, discontinuity, disengagement, disjointing, disjunction, dislocation, dissection, disunion, division, divisions, divorce, divorcement, docimasy, dole, domiciliation, doss, elements, estate, filing, forking, fraction, grade, grading, gravimetric analysis, group, grouping, guts, halving, head, heading, hospitality, housing, housing bill, housing development, housing problem, in half, incoherence, index, indexing, ingredients, innards, insides, installment, inventory, isolation, item, items, kin, label, level, list, living quarters, lodging, lodgment, lower-income housing, luxation, order, parcel, part, particular, parting, partition, parts, percentage, pigeonhole, pigeonholing, placement, portion, position, predicament, proximate analysis, quadrant, quantitative analysis, quarter, quartering, quota, race, ramification, random sample, ranging, rank, ranking, rating, reduction to elements, remainder, removal, resolution, rubric, sample, sampling, section, sector, segment, segmentation, semimicroanalysis, separation, separatism, sept, set, share, slum clearance, sorting, station, status, strain, stratification, stratum, subgroup, suborder, subspecies, subtraction, tabulation, taxonomy, title, tract, transient lodging, typology, urban renewal, whole, withdrawal, zoning