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Main Entry: suave
affable, agreeable, bland, buttery, charming, civilized, cordial, cosmopolitan, courteous, courtly, cultivated, cultured, debonair, diplomatic, disarming, distingue, downy, even, fair-spoken, fine-spoken, flat, fulsome, genial, glabrate, glabrescent, glabrous, glib, gracious, honey-mouthed, honey-tongued, ingratiating, leiotrichous, level, nonchalant, oily-tongued, oily, plane, polished, polite, politic, refined, regular, slick, smooth-shaven, smooth-spoken, smooth-textured, smooth-tongued, smooth, smug, soapy, sociable, soft-spoken, soft, sophisticated, suave-spoken, unbroken, unctuous, uniform, unrough, unroughened, unruffled, urbane, well-bred, worldly
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