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Main Entry: stunned
aghast, appalled, ashen, astounded, awed, awestricken, awestruck, blanched, cowed, dazed, deadly pale, deaf-eared, deaf-mute, deaf, deaf and dumb, deafened, dull-eared, earless, frozen, gray with fear, hard of hearing, horrified, horror-struck, intimidated, pale as death, pallid, paralyzed, petrified, scared stiff, scared to death, stone-deaf, stupefied, surd, terrified, terror-crazed, terror-haunted, terror-ridden, terror-riven, terror-shaken, terror-smitten, terror-struck, terror-troubled, thick of hearing, tone-deaf, undone, unhearing, unmanned, unnerved, unstrung, word-deaf
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