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Main Entry: staple
anchored, article, article of commerce, article of merchandise, articulate, auto show, basic, basics, batten, batten down, bazaar, boat show, body, bolt, bonanza, buckle, bulk, butt, button, catalog goods, chief, clasp, cleat, clip, commercial complex, commodities, commodity, consumer goods, consumer items, conventional, core, cornucopia, corpus, critical, customary, dovetail, drug, effects, elementary, emporium, essential, essentials, exposition, eye, fair, fastened, feature, fixed, flea fair, flea market, font, fount, fountain, fundamental, fundamentals, gold mine, goods, goods for sale, habitual, hasp, hinge, hitch, hook, indispensable, inventory, item, jam, job lot, joint, latch, lead item, leader, line, line of goods, lock, lode, loss leader, mail-order goods, main, market, market overt, marketplace, mart, mass, material resources, materials, materiel, merchandise, mine, miter, mortise, nail, necessary, necessities, normal, open market, ordinary, peg, pin, plaza, prevailing, primary, principal, product, quarry, rabbet, raw material, required, requisite, resource, rialto, ring, rivet, riveted, scarf, screw, seconds, set, settled, sew, shopping center, shopping mall, shopping plaza, show, sideline, skewer, snap, source, source of supply, special, spring, standard, standard article, staple item, staples, stated, stick, stitch, stock-in-trade, stock, store, street market, stuff, substance, substances, supply, tack, toggle, trade fair, universal, usual, vein, vendible, vendibles, vital, ware, wares, wedge, well, wellspring, zipper