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Main Entry: squirm
agonize, burn to, chafe, fidget, flip out, flounder, flutter, freak out on, fret, fuss, get excited, get high on, glow, go pitapat, hardly wait, hasten, have the fidgets, have the shakes, heave, itch to, jerk, jump the gun, palpitate, pant, quake, quaver, quiver, shake, shift, shiver, squiggle, stew, sweat, sweat and stew, sweat it out, swell, swell with emotion, thrill, thrill to, throb, tingle, tingle with excitement, toss, toss and turn, tremble, tumble, turn on to, twist, twist and turn, twitch, twitter, wag, waggle, wait impatiently, wiggle, worm, wriggle, writhe
Main Entry: squirm out of
alibi, alibi out of, apologize for, cover with excuses, creep out of, excuse, find a loophole, lie out of, make apology for, offer excuse for, plead ignorance, shuffle out of, slide out of, slip away, slip out of, slip through, sneak out of, sneak through, worm out of, wriggle out of
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