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Main Entry: sorrow
ache, adversity, afflict, affliction, aggrieve, agonize, agony, anguish, apologies, attrition, ayenbite of inwit, bad luck, bemoan, bemoaning, bewail, bewailing, bitter cup, bitter draft, bitter draught, bitter pill, bitterness, bleed, break down, bring to tears, brood over, burden, burden of care, cankerworm of care, care, cares, carking care, contriteness, contrition, cross, crown of thorns, crush, curse, cut up, dejection, deplore, depression, desolate, desolateness, desolation, dirge, discomfort, dismay, distress, dole, dolor, draw tears, elegize, embitter, encumbrance, fret, gall, gall and wormwood, give sorrow words, grief, grievance, grieve, grieving, groan, hard luck, hardship, heartache, heartbreak, heartfelt grief, heartgrief, howling, infliction, inundate, keen, keening, knell, lament, lamentation, lamenting, languishment, load, melancholy, misery, misfortune, moan, moaning, mope, mourn, mourning, oppress, oppression, overwhelm, pack of troubles, pain, peck of troubles, pine, pine away, pining, pressure, prostrate, prostration, regret, regretfulness, regrets, regretting, remorse, remorse of conscience, remorsefulness, repine, repining, rue, sadness, sea of troubles, shame, shamefacedness, shamefastness, shamefulness, sigh, sing the blues, sob, sorriness, sorrowfulness, sorrowing, strain, suffering, take on, thorn, torment, travail, trial, tribulation, trouble, ululation, unhappiness, wailing, waters of bitterness, weep over, weight, wistfulness, woe, wretchedness