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Main Entry: slaughter
annihilate, annihilation, assault, attack, bane, barbarize, batter, battering, blood, bloodbath, bloodletting, bloodshed, blue ruin, braining, breakup, brutalize, burn, butcher, butchering, butchery, carnage, carry on, commit carnage, commit genocide, commit mass murder, consumption, cut off, cut short, damnation, dealing death, decimate, decimation, depopulate, depredation, desolation, despoilment, despoliation, destroy, destruction, destruction of life, devastation, disintegration, disorderliness, disorganization, dispatch, dispose of, disruption, dissolution, do away with, end, euthanasia, execution, exterminate, extermination, finish, finish off, flow of blood, forcible seizure, get rid of, go on, gore, hammer, havoc, hecatomb, holocaust, immolation, kill, killing, lapidation, lay waste, laying waste, loot, looting, maim, make away with, mangle, martyrdom, martyrization, massacre, maul, mercy killing, mug, murder, murder wholesale, mutilate, nip, obstreperousness, occision, onslaught, perdition, pillage, pillaging, poisoning, put paid to, rage, ramp, rampage, rant, rape, ravage, rave, riot, rioting, ritual killing, ritual murder, roar, ruin, ruination, sack, sacking, sacrifice, savage, shambles, shooting, slaughtering, slay, slay en masse, slaying, sow chaos, sowing with salt, spoliation, stick, stoning, storm, take off, taking of life, tear, tear around, terrorize, to, torture, total, undoing, unruliness, vandalism, vandalize, violate, violation, waste, wipe out, wrack, wrack and ruin, wreck