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Main Entry: slapdash
a corps perdu, accident-prone, aimless, airily, amain, any old way, any which way, anyhow, apace, at once, breakneck, bunglingly, by forced marches, careless, carelessly, casually, clumsily, cursorily, cursory, designless, desperate, desperately, desultory, devil-may-care, disregardfully, expeditious, expeditiously, festinate, feverish, feverishly, flying, forgetfully, furious, furiously, hand over fist, haphazard, haphazardly, happen what may, harum-scarum, hastily, hasty, head over heels, headfirst, headforemost, headlong, heedlessly, heels over head, helter-skelter, hit-or-miss, hit and miss, hit or miss, holus-bolus, hotfoot, hotheaded, hotheadedly, hurried, hurriedly, hurry-scurry, immediate, immediately, impetuous, impetuously, in passing, inattentively, inconsiderately, indiscriminate, instant, instantly, irregular, last-minute, like crazy, like mad, mad, madly, messily, messy, offhand, offhandedly, on the run, on the spot, once over lightly, overeager, overeagerly, overenthusiastic, overenthusiastically, overzealous, overzealously, passing, pell-mell, perfunctorily, precipitant, precipitantly, precipitate, precipitately, precipitous, precipitously, promiscuous, promiscuously, prompt, promptly, quick, quickly, ramble-scramble, reckless, recklessly, regardlessly, slam-bang, slap-bang, sloppily, sloppy, slovenly, snap, speedily, speedy, spot, superficial, superficially, swift, swiftly, tactlessly, thoughtlessly, unguardedly, unheedfully, unheedingly, unmindfully, unsolicitously, unthinkingly, unthorough, untidy, unvigilantly, unwarily, urgent, wanton, wantonly, wild, wildly, with a rush, with all haste, with dispatch, with haste