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Main Entry: sisterhood
affiliation, agnation, alliance, ancestry, blood, blood relationship, boon companionship, brotherhood, brotherliness, brothership, chumship, club, cognation, colleagueship, common ancestry, common descent, community of interest, companionship, comradeship, confraternity, confrerie, connection, consanguinity, consortship, country club, cousinhood, cousinship, enation, esprit de corps, fatherhood, fellowship, feminism, filiation, fraternal order, fraternalism, fraternity, freemasonry, guild, kindred, kinship, maternity, matrilineage, matriliny, matrisib, matrocliny, motherhood, order, paternity, patrilineage, patriliny, patrisib, patrocliny, propinquity, relation, relationship, rights of women, secret society, sibship, sisterliness, sistership, society, sodality, sorority, ties of blood
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