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Main Entry: since
aeons ago, after, after all, after that, afterwards, ages ago, ago, as, as long as, as things go, back, back when, backward, because, behind, being, being as how, below, cause, considering, ever since, ex post facto, following, for, forasmuch as, from away back, from time immemorial, gone by, in that, in the aftermath, in the sequel, inasmuch as, insofar as, insomuch as, into the past, later, long since, next, parce que, reminiscently, retroactively, retrospectively, seeing, seeing as how, seeing that, since long ago, since time began, subsequent to, subsequently, then, thereafter, thereon, thereupon, therewith, until now, whereas
Main Entry: long since
aeons ago, ages ago, anciently, and night, away back, day after day, early, enduringly, ever since, for an age, for life, for long, from away back, from time immemorial, hour after hour, in ancient times, in olden times, in times past, interminably, long, long ago, month after month, morning, noon, of old, of yore, persistently, protractedly, since, since long ago, since time began, some time ago, some time back, the livelong day, till doomsday, time immemorial, undyingly, unendingly, until now, year after year, years ago
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