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Main Entry: showing
Christophanic, Satanophanic, angelophanic, apocalyptic, apparent, apparition, appearance, appearing, arising, avatar, bared, beholdable, betraying, characterization, coming-forth, coming, coming into being, demonstrating, demonstration, demonstrative, denomination, denotation, denudated, denuded, designation, detectable, differentiation, discernible, disclosed, disclosing, disclosive, disclosure, display, displaying, divested, emergence, enactment, epiphanic, epiphany, evident, evidential, evincive, exhibit, exhibition, exhibitive, exposed, exposed to view, exposing, exposition, expositional, expository, exposure, expression, expressive, eye-opening, face, fingering, forthcoming, guise, hanging out, hint, identification, in evidence, in full view, in plain sight, in view, incarnating, incarnation, incarnational, indication, indicative, indicativeness, indicatory, insight, issuance, laid bare, manifest, manifestation, manifestative, materialization, materializing, meaning, naked, naming, noticeable, observable, occurrence, open, open to view, opening, ostentation, out, outcropping, perceivable, perceptible, performance, picking out, pneumatophanic, pointing, pointing out, pointing to, presentation, presentational, presentment, production, projection, promulgatory, realization, recognizable, record, representation, retrospective, revealed, revealing, revelation, revelational, revelatory, rise, rising, seeable, seeming, selection, semblance, show, showing forth, signification, simulacrum, specification, stripped, suggestion, symptomaticness, talkative, theophanic, theophany, to be seen, unclouded, unconcealed, uncovered, undisguised, unfolding, unfoldment, unhidden, unveiled, unveiling, varnishing day, vernissage, viewable, visible, visual, witnessable