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Main Entry: shambles
Augean stables, Belsen, DMZ, abattoir, aceldama, battle line, battle site, battlefield, battleground, bloodbath, blue ruin, botch, botchery, breakup, butchering, butchery, carnage, chaos, combat area, combat zone, concentration camp, consumption, damnation, decimation, depredation, desolation, despoilment, despoliation, destruction, devastation, disaster, disintegration, disorganization, disruption, dissolution, enemy line, field, field of battle, field of blood, firing line, front line, gas chamber, hash, havoc, hecatomb, holocaust, killing ground, landing beach, line, line of battle, mess, mix-up, muddle, mull, muss, occision, perdition, pigpen, pigsty, ravage, ruin, ruination, seat of war, slaughter, slaughterhouse, slaughtering, spoliation, stockyard, the front, theater, theater of operations, theater of war, undoing, vandalism, waste, wrack, wrack and ruin, wreck, zone of communications
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