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Main Entry: secrete
accumulate, amass, backlog, bosom, bottle up, bury, cache, camouflage, classify, cloak, collect, conceal, cover, cumulate, deposit, discharge, disguise, drain, dribble, drip, drop, effuse, egest, eliminate, emanate, embosom, emit, ensconce, enshroud, excrete, extravasate, exudate, exude, file and forget, garner, garner up, gather into barns, generate, give off, give out, heap up, hide, hide away, hoard, hoard up, hold, hold out on, in petto, keep, keep back, keep between us, keep buttoned up, keep close, keep dark, keep from, keep hidden, keep in ignorance, keep mum, keep secret, keep snug, keep under wraps, lactate, lay up, leak, lock up, make no sign, mask, never let on, not give away, not tell, ooze, pass, pile up, plant, play dumb, produce, put away, put up, release, run, save, save up, screen, seal up, secern, seep, shroud, squirrel, squirrel away, stash, stock up, stockpile, store away, store up, stow away, tear, transude, treasure, treasure up, trickle, veil, water, weep, withhold, yield
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