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run in
Main Entry: run in
acclimated, acclimatized, accommodated, accustomed, adapted, adjusted, apprehend, arrest, barney, bust, call on, call upon, capture, case-hardened, collar, collide, come by, come over, conditioned, cram in, crowd in, detain, drag in, drive in, drop in, dustup, edge in, experienced, fall aboard, familiarized, foist in, force in, fudge in, grab, hardened, hassle, head into, impact, implant in, inject in, insert in, insinuate in, intercalate, interjaculate, interject, interpolate, interpose, intervene, introduce in, intrude, inured, jam in, knock-down-and-drag-out, knock in, look in, look up, lug in, make a pinch, nab, naturalized, orientated, oriented, pack in, pay a visit, pick up, pinch, plunge in, poke in, pop in, pound in, press in, pull in, push in, put between, put under arrest, ram, ram in, rhubarb, row, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, run broadside on, run down, run into, sail into, sandwich, scrap, seasoned, see, set-to, shindy, smuggle in, squeeze in, step in, stop by, stop off, stop over, stuff in, take in, take into custody, take prisoner, tamp in, throw in, thrust in, trained, used to, visit, wedge in, wont, wonted, work in, worm in
Main Entry: in the long run
all in all, all things considered, almost entirely, altogether, approximately, as a rule, as a whole, as an approximation, as things go, as times go, at large, broadly, broadly speaking, by and large, chiefly, commonly, effectually, essentially, eventually, finally, generally, generally speaking, in due course, in due season, in due time, in general, in round numbers, in the main, in time, mainly, mostly, normally, on balance, on the average, on the whole, ordinarily, overall, predominantly, prevailingly, roughly, roughly speaking, routinely, speaking generally, substantially, ultimately, usually, virtually