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Main Entry: ruminant
amphibian, aquatic, asinine, biped, bovid, bovine, canine, cannibal, caprid, caprine, carnivore, chewing, cogitative, cognitive, concentrating, concentrative, conceptive, conceptual, conceptualized, contemplating, contemplative, cosmopolite, cowish, cowlike, cud-chewing, deerlike, deliberating, deliberative, equestrian, equine, excogitating, feline, gnawer, goatish, goatlike, herbivore, hircine, hoggish, hoofed, horsy, ideative, insectivore, introspective, invertebrate, mammal, mammalian, manducatory, marsupial, marsupialian, masticatory, meditating, meditative, mental, mulish, museful, musing, noetic, omnivore, ovine, pensive, piggish, pondering, prehensive, primate, quadruped, reflecting, reflective, reptile, rodent, ruminating, ruminative, scavenger, serious, sheepish, sheeplike, sober, speculative, swinish, thinking, thought, thoughtful, ungulate, varmint, vermin, vertebrate, wistful
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