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Main Entry: ruinous
ablative, annihilative, ausgespielt, baleful, baneful, bankrupt, battered, beat-up, beaten up, bedraggled, biodegradable, black, blasted, blighted, blowzy, broken-down, broken, calamitous, careless, cataclysmal, cataclysmic, catastrophic, chintzy, consuming, consumptive, corrosive, crippling, crumbling, deadly, decomposable, decomposing, decrepit, degradable, deleterious, demolishing, demolitionary, depredatory, derelict, desolated, desolating, destroyed, destroying, destructive, devastated, devastating, dilapidated, dire, disastrous, disintegrable, disintegrated, disintegrating, disintegrative, disjunctive, disruptive, done for, done in, doomful, down-and-out, drabbletailed, draggled, draggletailed, dusty, erosive, fallen, fatal, fateful, finished, fratricidal, frowzy, frumpish, frumpy, fusty, gone to pot, gone to seed, grievous, grubby, harmful, in rags, in ruins, informal, injurious, internecine, irremediable, kaput, loose, lumpen, messy, mildewed, moldering, moldy, moss-grown, moth-eaten, mussy, musty, nasty, negligent, nihilist, nihilistic, noxious, overthrown, pernicious, poisonous, poky, ragged, raggedy, ramshackle, ravaged, ravaging, resolvent, ruined, ruining, run-down, rusty, scraggly, seedy, self-destructive, separative, shabby, shattering, shoddy, slack, slatternly, slipshod, sloppy, slovenly, slummy, sluttish, solvent, sordid, spoiled, squalid, stale, subversionary, subversive, suicidal, tacky, tattered, time-scarred, timeworn, tottery, toxic, tragic, tumbledown, undone, unkempt, unneat, unsightly, untidy, vandalic, vandalish, vandalistic, wasted, wasteful, wasting, withering, worn, wrecked, wreckful