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Main Entry: royal
advantageous, anointed king, aristocratic, august, auspicious, baron, baroness, baronial, beneficial, benevolent, bon, bonny, braw, bueno, capital, champion, chief, chieftain, classical, cogent, commendable, courtly, crown, crowned head, dignified, duchess, duke, duodecimo, dynast, dynastic, earl, effortless, eighteenmo, elegant, emperor, estimable, excellent, expedient, facile, fair, famous, favorable, fine, folio, front, glorious, good, goodly, grand, grand duke, grandiose, grave, healthy, helpful, high chief, imperator, imperatorial, imperatorious, imperial, imperious, imposing, impressive, kind, king-emperor, king, kinglet, kinglike, kingly, laudable, light, lord paramount, lordly, magisterial, magnificent, majestic, majesty, medium, monarch, monarchal, monarchial, monarchic, monarchical, nice, nobility, noble, nobleman, noblewoman, number one, octavo, octodecimo, overlord, paramount, peer, peerage, petty king, pleasant, potentate, prime, prince, prince consort, princelike, princely, princess, profitable, purple, quarto, queen, queenlike, queenly, rank, regal, resplendent, royal personage, royalty, ruler, sedate, sextodecimo, simple, sixteenmo, skillful, smooth, sober, solemn, sound, sovereign, splendid, stately, statuesque, super, superb, superior, suzerain, tetrarch, top, twelvemo, untroublesome, useful, valid, venerable, very good, virtuous, viscount, viscountess, worthy
Main Entry: battle royal
action, aerial combat, affray, armored combat, battle, brush, bullfight, clash, clash of arms, cockfight, combat, conflict, dogfight, embroilment, exchange of blows, fight, fire fight, fray, ground combat, hand-to-hand combat, hand-to-hand fight, house-to-house combat, naval combat, passage of arms, pitched battle, quarrel, rumble, running fight, scramble, scrimmage, scuffle, shoving match, skirmish, stand-up fight, street fight, struggle, tauromachy, tug-of-war, tussle