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Main Entry: romance
Marchen, Western, Western story, Westerner, adulterous affair, adultery, adventure, adventure story, affair, allegorize, allegory, amor, amour, apologue, apparition, autism, autistic thinking, balderdash, bedtime story, brainchild, brown-nose, bubble, butter up, canard, capriccio, caprice, chimera, color, colorfulness, concoction, court, cuckoldry, dalliance, delirium, dereism, dereistic thinking, detective story, divertissement, dreamery, eidolon, entanglement, epic, eternal triangle, exaggeration, excitement, extravaganza, fable, fabliau, fabrication, fabulize, fairy tale, fancy, fantasia, fantasque, fantasy, fascination, fib, fiction, fictionalize, figment, flatter, flight of fancy, flirtation, folk story, folktale, forbidden love, forgery, gest, ghost story, glamor, hallucination, hanky-panky, horse opera, humoresque, ideal, idealism, ideality, idealization, idealize, idle fancy, idyll, illicit love, illusion, imagery, imagination, imaginative exercise, imaginativeness, imagining, impracticality, infidelity, insubstantial image, intrigue, invention, legend, liaison, love, love affair, love story, maggot, make-believe, medley, melodrama, mystery, mystery story, myth, mythicize, mythify, mythologize, mythology, mythos, narrate, narrative, nonsense, nostalgia, novel, novelize, nursery tale, pander to, parable, phantasm, phantom, play of fancy, potpourri, prevarication, quixotism, quixotize, quixotry, recite, recount, rehearse, relate, relationship, report, retell, rhapsodize, romantic tie, romanticism, romanticize, romanza, science fiction, sentiment, shocker, sick fancy, soft-soap, space fiction, space opera, storify, story, suspense story, tall story, tall tale, tell, tell a story, thick-coming fancies, thriller, triangle, trip, unfaithfulness, unfold a tale, unpracticalness, unrealism, unreality, utopianism, utopianize, vapor, vision, visionariness, whim, whimsy, white lie, whodunit, wildest dreams, wish-fulfillment fantasy, wish fulfillment, wishful thinking, woo, work of fiction