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Main Entry: reciter
Roscius, actor, actress, anecdotist, antagonist, bad guy, barnstormer, character, character actor, character man, character woman, child actor, diseur, diseuse, dramatizer, elocutioner, elocutionist, fableist, fabler, fabulist, feeder, fictionist, foil, heavy, histrio, histrion, improvisator, improvvisatore, ingenue, juvenile, matinee idol, mime, mimer, mimic, monologist, mummer, mythmaker, mythopoet, narrator, novelettist, novelist, pantomime, pantomimist, playactor, player, protean actor, raconteur, reader, recitationist, recounter, relator, romancer, romancist, sagaman, short-story writer, soubrette, spinner of yarns, stage performer, stage player, stooge, storier, storyteller, straight man, stroller, strolling player, taleteller, teller of tales, theatrical, thespian, trouper, utility man, villain, word painter, yarn spinner
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