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Main Entry: rainy
angry, blinding, boggy, cat-and-doggish, cloudy, cyclonic, damp, dampish, dank, dewy, dirty, drippy, driving, drizzling, drizzly, drumming, fenny, foul, humid, marshy, misty-moisty, misty, mizzly, moist, muggy, pelting, pluvial, pluviose, pluvious, pouring, raging, roric, roriferous, showery, sticky, storming, stormy, streaming, swampy, tacky, tempestuous, tornadic, turbulent, typhonic, typhoonish, undried, wet, wettish
Main Entry: rainy day
bad times, bust, cat-and-dog weather, depression, dirty weather, economic stagnation, evil day, hard times, heavy weather, monsoon, predominance of Aquarius, raininess, rains, rainy season, rainy weather, recession, sad times, slump, spell of rain, spring rains, stormy weather, wet, wet season, wet weather
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