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Main Entry: quest
adventure, angle for, ask for, bay, beat about for, cast about, chase, chivy, crusade, delve for, delving, dig for, dog, dogging, domiciliary visit, dragnet, emprise, expedition, exploration, ferret out, fish for, follow-up, follow, follow up, following, forage, frisk, give chase, go after, go gunning for, gun for, hollo after, hound, house-search, hue and cry, hunt, hunt for, hunt up, hunting, inquest, inquiry, inquisition, investigation, look, look for, look up, make after, mission, perquisition, pilgrimage, posse, probe, probing, prosecute, prosecution, prowl after, pursual, pursuance, pursue, pursuing, pursuit, quest after, raise the hunt, ransacking, research, rummage, run after, search-and-destroy operation, search, search for, search out, search party, search warrant, searching, see to, seek, seek for, seek out, seeking, shadowing, stalk, stalking, still-hunt, still hunt, take out after, track down, tracking, tracking down, trailing, try to find, turning over, ululate, wail