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put in
Main Entry: put in
admit, alight, anoint, approach anchorage, barge in, base, be admitted, bear down on, bear down upon, bear up for, bear up to, bed, bestow, break in, breeze in, broadcast, build, build in, burst in, bust in, chair, chime in, chip in, close with, come barging in, come breezing in, come busting in, come in, come to land, comprise, consecrate to, consume, contain, creep in, cross the threshold, crowd in, crown, cut in, debark, debus, dedicate to, deplane, detrain, devote, dibble, disembark, disemplane, disseminate, dock, drill, drop anchor, drop in, ease in, edge in, embed, employ, enclose, enfold, enter, enthrone, establish, expend, fetch, fix, forest, found, gain admittance, get in, give over to, give to, go aboard, go alongside, go ashore, go in, go into, ground, have an entree, have an in, hop in, implant, inaugurate, include, induct, infuse, inject, inoculate, inseminate, insert, insinuate, install, instate, interject, internalize, interrupt, introduce, intromit, intrude, invest, irrupt, jam in, jump in, keep within, land, lay aboard, lay for, lay in, lay the foundation, lie in, look in, make, make a landfall, make at, make for, make land, make port, moor, pack in, pass, perfuse, pitch, place, place in office, plant, pop in, pot, press in, push in, put away for, put into port, put up, reach, reach land, reforest, reset, retimber, run for, sail for, scatter seed, seat, seed, seed down, seminate, set, set foot in, set in, set up, slip in, sow, sow broadcast, spend, squeeze in, stand for, steer toward, step in, stick in, surround, take in, throne, throw in, thrust in, tie up, transplant, tuck in, unboat, use up, vest, visit, wedge in, while, while away, whip in, wile, work in