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Main Entry: publication
Christophany, Satanophany, account, acquaintance, advertisement, advertising, airing, albertype, angelophany, announcement, annual, appearance, attenuation, avatar, best seller, bimonthly, biweekly, blue book, book, book printing, booklet, bound book, briefing, broadcast, broadcasting, broadside, brochure, bulletin, chromotypography, chromotypy, chromoxylography, circumfusion, classic, collotype, color printing, coloring book, communication, communique, conveyance, daily, data, datum, declaration, definitive work, diffraction, diffusion, dilution, directory, disclosure, dispatch, dispensation, dispersal, dispersion, dissemination, dissipation, distribution, divergence, electronography, electrostatic printing, embodiment, enlightenment, epiphany, evaporation, evidence, evincement, expansion, expression, facts, factual information, familiarization, flier, flyer, folio, fortnightly, fragmentation, gen, general information, giving, graphic arts, gravure, great work, guidebook, halftone engraving, hand-out, handbill, handout, hard information, hardback, hebdomadal, history of printing, impartation, imparting, impartment, incarnation, incidental information, indication, info, information, instruction, intelligence, issuance, job printing, journal, juvenile, juvenile book, knowledge, leaflet, letterpress, letterpress photoengraving, light, limp-cover book, line engraving, lithography, lithogravure, lithophotogravure, magazine, magnum opus, manifestation, materialization, mention, message, mimeograph, monthly, newsletter, newspaper, nonbook, notebook, notice, notification, novel, offset, offset lithography, onset, opus, opuscule, opusculum, palaeotypography, pamphlet, paper, paperback, peppering, periodical, photo-offset, photochemical process, photoengraving, photogelatin process, photographic reproduction, photography, photolithography, phototypography, phototypy, photozincography, picture book, planographic printing, planography, playbook, pneumatophany, pocket book, prayer book, presentation, printing, printmaking, proclamation, production, promotional material, promulgation, pronouncement, pronunciamento, proof, propagation, psalmbook, psalter, publicity, publicizing, publishing, putting out, quarterly, radiation, release, relief printing, report, reporting, revelation, rotary photogravure, rotogravure, scattering, scatterment, serial, sharing, sheetwork, shotgun pattern, sidelight, sketchbook, soft-cover, songbook, sowing, spattering, splay, spread, spreading, sprinkling, standard work, statement, stencil, storybook, strewing, tabloid, telling, the dope, the goods, the know, the scoop, theophany, three-color printing, title, tome, trade book, transfer, transference, transmission, transmittal, two-color printing, typography, typolithography, volatilization, volume, weekly, white book, white paper, wood-block printing, word, work, writing, xerography, xeroprinting, xylotypography, zincography
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