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Main Entry: pretty
a bit, a little, acceptably, adequately, adroit, aesthetic, aesthetically appealing, almighty, appealing, attractive, awfully, beauteous, beautiful, bonny, catchy, charming, clever, comely, cunning, cute, darling, decently, die, ducky, dulcet, elegant, endowed with beauty, euphonious, exceedingly, exquisite, extremely, eye-filling, fair, fairishly, fairly, fairly well, fetching, fine, flowerlike, good-looking, good, graceful, gracile, handsome, harmonious, heavy, in a measure, in a way, in some measure, incredibly, just, kind of, lovely, lyrical, mellifluous, melodic, melodious, mightily, mighty, moderately, more or less, musical, only too, passably, plaything, powerful, powerfully, presentably, pretty much, pretty well, pulchritudinous, quite, rather, real, really, reasonably, respectably, right, satisfactorily, scarcely, slightly, so, some, something, somewhat, sort of, terribly, terrifically, to a degree, to some extent, tolerably, toy, tuneful, unexceptionably, very, well enough, wicked, winsome, workmanlike
Main Entry: pretty up
adorn, beautify, become one, bedizen, deck out, decorate, dizen, doll up, dress up, fancy up, fig out, get up, glamorize, grace, gussy up, overdress, prank, prettify, primp, prink, rag out, set off, slick up, spruce up, titivate, trick out, trick up