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Main Entry: prayer
Angelus, Ave, Ave Maria, Hail Mary, Kyrie Eleison, Mass, Paternoster, adjuration, adoration, aid prayer, appeal, application, asker, beadroll, beads, bedtime prayer, beggar, begging, beseeching, beseechment, bid, bidding prayer, breviary, call, camp meeting, chaplet, church, church service, clamor, collect, communion, compline, contemplation, cry, devotion, devotions, divine service, duty, entreaty, evening devotions, evensong, exercises, grace, impetration, imploration, imploring, imprecation, intercession, invocation, invocatory plea, lauds, litany, liturgy, matins, meditation, meeting, morning devotions, night song, none, nones, novena, obsecration, obtestation, office, orison, petition, petitioner, plea, pleading, praise meeting, prayer meeting, prayer wheel, prayers, praying, prime, prime song, public worship, request, revival, revival meeting, rogation, rosary, service, sext, silent prayer, suit, suitor, supplicant, supplication, supplicator, tent meeting, thanks, thanksgiving, tierce, undersong, vesper, vespers, vigils, watch-night service, watch meeting, watch night, worship
Main Entry: prayer book
Sefer Torah, Torah, Torah scroll, Virginal, best seller, book, bound book, breviary, canon, church book, classic, coloring book, definitive work, euchologion, euchology, farse, folio, formulary, great work, hardback, juvenile, juvenile book, lectionary, limp-cover book, litany, machzor, magnum opus, manual, missal, nonbook, notebook, novel, opus, opuscule, opusculum, ordinal, paperback, picture book, playbook, pocket book, pontifical, production, psalmbook, psalter, publication, ritual, rituale, rubric, serial, service book, siddur, sketchbook, soft-cover, songbook, standard work, storybook, title, tome, trade book, volume, work, writing