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Main Entry: plainly
all joking aside, alone, aloud, apparently, apprehensibly, articulately, artlessly, audibly, barely, bluffly, bluntly, broadly, brusquely, candidly, casually, clearly, coherently, commonly, commonplacely, comprehensibly, conspicuously, definitely, directly, discernibly, distinctly, en famille, evidently, exclusively, explicitly, expressly, familiarly, frankly, genuinely, glaringly, guilelessly, in all conscience, in all seriousness, in plain English, in plain terms, in plain words, informally, ingenuously, intelligibly, just, limpidly, lucidly, manifestly, markedly, matter-of-factly, merely, naturally, noticeably, observably, obviously, offhand, offhandedly, only, openheartedly, openly, ordinarily, out, out loud, outspokenly, palpably, patently, pellucidly, perceivably, perceptibly, perspicuously, plain-spokenly, point-blank, prominently, pronouncedly, prosaically, purely, recognizably, relaxedly, roundly, sans ceremonie, seeably, simply, simply and solely, sincerely, singly, solely, staringly, starkly, straightforwardly, to the point, unaffectedly, unambiguously, unassumingly, unceremoniously, unconcealedly, unconstrainedly, understandably, undisguisedly, unequivocally, unmistakably, unofficially, unreservedly, unrestrainedly, visibly, with clarity, with no nonsense, without ceremony