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Main Entry: pierce
abrade, affect, afflict, aggrieve, agonize, ail, anguish, auger, barb the dart, bark, bayonet, benumb, bite, blemish, bloody, bore, break, broach, bruise, burn, chafe, check, chill, chip, claw, come alive, come home to, comprehend, convulse, countersink, crack, craze, crucify, cut, cut up, dagger, descry, dirk, discern, discover, distress, drill, empierce, excruciate, fathom, fester, fix, fracture, fray, frazzle, freeze, fret, frost, frostbite, gain entree, gall, gash, get into, get through, give pain, gnaw, go deep, go through, go through one, gore, gouge, gouge out, grasp, grate, grieve, grind, gripe, harrow, hole, honeycomb, hurt, hurt the feelings, impale, incise, inflame, inflict pain, injure, interpenetrate, irritate, kill by inches, knife, lacerate, lance, maim, make an entrance, make mincemeat of, make out, make way into, martyr, martyrize, maul, melt, melt the heart, move, mutilate, needle, nip, numb, pain, pass through, penetrate, perceive, perforate, pinch, pink, plumb, plunge in, poke into, poniard, prick, prolong the agony, punch, puncture, put to torture, rack, rankle, rasp, realize, ream, ream out, refrigerate, rend, riddle, rip, rouse, rub, run, run into, run through, rupture, saber, savage, scald, scorch, scotch, scrape, scratch, scuff, see, see daylight, see into, see the light, see through, skewer, skin, slash, slice, slit, smart, soften, spear, spike, spit, sprain, stab, stick, stiletto, sting, stir, strain, strike, sword, tap, tear, torment, torture, touch, touch a chord, transfix, transpierce, traumatize, trepan, trephine, tweak, twist, twist the knife, understand, wound, wrench, wring