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Main Entry: particularization
Baconian method, a fortiori reasoning, a posteriori reasoning, a priori reasoning, alteration, analysis, anatomization, atomization, cameo, catalog, cataloging, change, character, character sketch, characterization, circumstantiation, deduction, deductive reasoning, delineation, demarcation, depiction, description, desynonymization, details, differencing, differentiation, discrimination, disequalization, disjunction, distinction, distinguishment, diversification, division, epagoge, evocation, generalization, graphic account, hypothesis and verification, image, imagery, impression, individualization, individuation, induction, inductive reasoning, inference, itemization, limning, localization, modification, peculiarization, personalization, philosophical induction, photograph, picture, portrait, portraiture, portrayal, profile, rendering, rendition, representation, segregation, separation, severalization, severance, sketch, specialization, specification, syllogism, syllogistic reasoning, synthesis, variation, vignette, vivid description, word painting