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on the spot
Main Entry: on the spot
PDQ, aboard, among us, apace, as of now, as things are, at once, at present, at this juncture, at this moment, at this point, at this time, between two fires, but now, cornered, cursory, decisively, directly, endangered, even now, expeditious, expeditiously, festinate, feverish, flying, for the nonce, for this occasion, forthwith, furious, hasty, here, here and now, hereabout, hereabouts, hereat, hereinto, hereto, hereunto, hic et nunc, hither, hitherward, hitherwards, hurried, immediate, immediately, imperiled, in Dutch, in a bind, in a fix, in a mess, in a pickle, in a predicament, in a scrape, in a spot, in danger, in deep water, in desperate case, in extremis, in jeopardy, in no time, in our time, in these days, in this place, in this vicinity, in trouble, instant, instantaneously, instanter, instantly, jeopardized, just here, just now, just then, last-minute, momentaneously, momentarily, momently, now, nowadays, on Queer Street, on board, on the dot, on the instant, on the nail, passing, pretty damned quick, prompt, promptly, pronto, quick, quickly, right away, right off, slap-bang, slapdash, smartly, snap, somewhere about, speedily, speedy, straightaway, straightway, subito, summarily, superficial, swift, swiftly, this day, this night, threatened, to this place, today, tonight, urgent, with all speed, with us, without delay, without further delay