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Main Entry: office
Mass, act of grace, act of kindness, advice, advocacy, aegis, agency, agentship, aid, alerting, appointment, area, assignment, assistance, atelier, auspices, authority, authorization, baccalaureate service, backhouse, backing, backup, bailiwick, bedtime prayer, benefaction, benefit, benevolence, benignity, berth, billet, bit, blessing, booking office, box office, branch, branch office, brevet, bureau, business, cabinet, camp meeting, capacity, care, caution, celebration, ceremonial, ceremony, chambers, chancellery, chancery, character, charge, chore, church, church service, closet, clue, comfort, commencement, commissariat, commission, commissioning, commitment, company, compline, connection, consignment, constablery, constablewick, constabulary, consulate, convocation, corporate headquarters, corporation, courtesy, crapper, cue, cure, delegated authority, delegation, den, department, deputation, devolution, devolvement, devotions, divine service, division, duty, ease, embassy, employment, empowerment, empty formality, end use, engagement, entrusting, entrustment, errand, establishment, evening devotions, evensong, executive office, executorship, exequatur, exercise, exercises, factorship, favor, firm, form, form of worship, formal, formality, formula, formulary, full power, function, gig, good deed, good offices, good turn, grace, graduation, graduation exercises, headquarters, help, holy rite, home office, house, immediate purpose, inaugural, inauguration, incumbency, indulgence, initiation, institution, intercession, intermediation, jakes, job, jurisdiction, kind deed, kind offices, kindly act, kindness, labor of love, lauds, legation, library, license, lieutenancy, liturgy, lob, loft, main office, mandate, matins, mediation, meeting, mercy, ministration, ministry, mission, mitzvah, mode of worship, monition, moonlighting, morning devotions, mummery, municipality, mystery, necessary, night song, none, nones, novena, obligation, observance, occupation, offices, opening, operation, operational purpose, order of worship, ordinance, organization, outhouse, part, passing word, patronage, performance, place, plenipotentiary power, pointer, position, post, power of attorney, power to act, practice, praise meeting, prayer, prayer meeting, prayers, prescribed form, prime, prime song, procuration, protection, province, proxy, public worship, purpose, purview, regency, regentship, relief, religious ceremony, remedy, rescue, responsibility, revival, revival meeting, rite, rite de passage, rite of passage, ritual, ritual observance, rituality, role, room, sacrament, sacramental, sail loft, second job, secretariat, section, service, sext, sheriffalty, sheriffwick, shop, shrievalty, shtick, situation, solemnity, solemnization, spot, stacks, station, steer, studio, study, succor, support, task, tent meeting, tenure, therapy, thing, ticket office, tierce, tip-off, tip, trust, trusteeship, turn, ultimate purpose, undersong, use, vacancy, vesper, vespers, vicarious authority, vigils, warning, warrant, watch-night service, watch meeting, watch night, whisper, work, workplace, workroom
Main Entry: box office
attendance, avails, booking office, branch, branch office, cabinet, chambers, chancellery, chancery, closet, commissions, consulate, corporate headquarters, credit, credits, den, disposable income, dividend, dividends, draw, earned income, earnings, embassy, executive office, frequence, frequenting, gains, gate, gate receipts, get, gross, gross income, gross receipts, headquarters, home office, income, intake, legation, main office, make, net, net income, net receipts, number present, office, output, proceeds, produce, profits, receipt, receipts, receivables, returns, revenue, royalties, shop, study, take-in, take, takings, ticket office, turnout, unearned income, yield
Main Entry: hold office
alternate, be in office, be the incumbent, cover, do a hitch, do a stint, do a tour, do time, enlist, fill an office, fill in for, have a go, have tenure, keep a watch, occupy a post, re-up, reenlist, relieve, serve time, sign up, spell, spell off, take turns, time off
Main Entry: main office
CP, GHQ, HQ, base, base of operations, booking office, box office, branch, branch office, cabinet, center of authority, central administration, central office, central station, chambers, chancellery, chancery, closet, command post, company headquarters, consulate, corporate headquarters, den, embassy, executive office, general headquarters, headquarters, home office, legation, office, seat, shop, study, ticket office
Main Entry: office boy
Ganymede, Hebe, airline hostess, airline stewardess, attendant, batman, bellboy, bellhop, bellman, bootblack, boots, cabin boy, caddie, callboy, caller, chore boy, copyboy, cupbearer, errand boy, errand girl, footboy, gofer, hostess, office girl, orderly, page, squire, steward, stewardess, tender, trainbearer, usher, yeoman
Main Entry: spoils of office
blackmail, boodle, booty, campaign contribution, campaign fund, graft, haul, hot goods, loot, nepotism, perks, perquisite, pickings, plunder, pork barrel, prize, public till, public tit, public trough, slush fund, spoil, spoils, spoils system, squeeze, stealings, stolen goods, swag, take, till
Main entries similar to: office
advice, agency, appointment, assignment, assistance, atelier, authority, authorization, bailiwick, benefaction, benefit, benevolence, benignity, berth, billet, blessing, box office, branch, brevet, bureau, business, cabinet, capacity, care, caution, celebration, ceremonial, ceremony, chambers, chancellery, chancery, character, charge, church, clerical, closet, clue, comfort, commencement, commitment, connection, consignment, constabulary, consulate, convocation, courtesy, cue, cure, delegation, den, department, deputation, devotions, duty, ease, embassy, employment, engagement, errand, establishment, evensong, exercise, favor, form, formal, formality, formula, formulary, function, gig, good deed, good turn, grace, graduation, headquarters, help, high sign, inaugural, inauguration, incumbency, initiation, institution, job, jurisdiction, kindness, labor of love, legation, library, license, liturgy, loft, main office, mandate, Mass, matins, meeting, mercy, ministration, ministry, mission, mitzvah, monition, moonlighting, mummery, municipality, mystery, necessary, novena, obligation, observance, opening, operation, ordinance, outhouse, part, performance, place, pointer, position, post, power of attorney, practice, prayer, prime, privy, protection, province, proxy, purpose, purview, regency, relief, remedy, rescue, responsibility, revival, rite, rite of passage, ritual, role, room, sacramental, service, shop, situation, solemnity, spot, stack, station, steer, studio, study, succor, support, task, tenure, therapy, tip, tip off, trust, trusteeship, turn, use, vacancy, vesper, vigil, warning, warrant, whisper, word to the wise, work, workroom