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Main Entry: odorous
ambrosial, aromatic, bad-smelling, bad, balmy, effluvious, essenced, fecal, fetid, flowery, foul, fragrant, frowsty, frowy, frowzy, fruity, fulsome, funky, fusty, gamy, graveolent, heady, high, ill-smelling, incense-breathing, malodorous, mephitic, miasmal, miasmic, mildewed, mildewy, moldy, musky, musty, nidorous, noisome, noxious, odorant, odorate, odored, odoriferous, offensive, olfactive, olfactory, olid, perfumed, perfumy, pungent, putrid, rancid, rank, reasty, reasy, redolent, reechy, reeking, reeky, repulsive, rotten, savory, scented, scentless, smellful, smelling, smellsome, smelly, spicy, stenchy, stinking, strong, stuffy, sulfurous, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling, sweet, thuriferous, vile
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