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Main Entry: obtuse
abrupt, affectless, anesthetized, arctic, asleep, autistic, benumbed, bluff, blunt-edged, blunt-ended, blunt-pointed, blunt-witted, blunt, blunted, bluntish, boneheaded, callous, catatonic, chill, chilly, cloddish, cold-blooded, cold, cold as charity, coldhearted, cool, dead, deadened, dense, dim-witted, dim, dispassionate, doltish, dopey, drugged, dull-edged, dull-headed, dull-pated, dull-pointed, dull-witted, dull, dull of mind, dulled, dullish, edgeless, emotionally dead, emotionless, faired, fat-witted, frigid, frosted, frosty, frozen, gross-headed, heartless, heavy, hebetudinous, icy, immovable, impassible, impassive, imperceptive, impercipient, inexcitable, insensate, insensible, insensitive, insentient, insusceptible, loutish, lumpish, mentally retarded, nonemotional, numb, numbed, oafish, obdurate, objective, out of touch, passionless, pointless, rounded, self-absorbed, simple, slow-witted, slow, sluggish, smoothed, soulless, spiritless, stolid, thick-brained, thick-headed, thick-pated, thick-skinned, thick-witted, thick, thickheaded, thickskulled, unaffectionate, unedged, unemotional, unfeeling, unfelt, unimpassioned, unimpressionable, unloving, unpassionate, unperceptive, unpointed, unresponding, unresponsive, unsharp, unsharpened, unsusceptible, unsympathetic, untouchable, wooden